Affected Worker Registration Platform

8th February 2022

On the 9th June 2021 we published an open letter to BrewDog, detailing the experiences shared by many employees, in order to give credibility to allegations being made about the company. The letter was signed by over sixty former staff, with many more having initialled or signed anonymously, before the number of signatories grew to around three hundred in the days and weeks that followed.

In response, BrewDog identified and implemented a series of measures, of their own choosing, in an attempt to address the issues raised. Undoubtedly some progress has been made, but by centring themselves in the process and engaging with former staff only on their own terms, BrewDog have skirted past several areas of concern that we have repeatedly raised with them. Despite claims otherwise, we have also yet to receive any communication directly from BrewDog.

After having reviewed the top-line report from Wiser, discussed it with an independent third party consultancy, and caught up with current and former staff, we have come to the conclusion that our concerns about the culture review are justified. The document lacks crucial contextual detail, glosses over some really serious issues, and was ultimately overseen by BrewDog’s board, which does not instil confidence in its impartiality. We are seeking alternative methods to ensure BrewDog take on board the feedback that has been provided to them.

To this end, we are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Hand & Heart – a multi-faceted workplace & business consultancy, education & training provider, media publisher, and satellite HR agency. They will be independently registering cases from any former and current staff who wish their stories to be kept on record, in the hope that BrewDog will engage with – and address – these experiences. We appreciate that BrewDog’s current team may perhaps have a bright future, but this does not atone for those still seeking closure.

If you are a former or current employee of BrewDog (or any of its subsidiaries) and have an issue you would like to share with the company via a safe, anonymous and independent third party – or would simply like to find out more – we encourage you to check out this new resource.

Visit the BrewDog Affected Workers Registration Platform