Applying to Work at BrewDog

The following guidance relates to anyone planning on, or in the process of, applying to work for BrewDog.


  • Prior to an interview, look into the average wage for the role you are applying for. Payscale can help you out to begin with.
  • Ensure that you ask for the salary banding at interview – they should give you this. If they sound uneasy, keep pushing.
  • Do not accept Unicorn Fund, bonuses, or other benefits as an excuse for a lower salary.

Culture Fit vs. Experience

  • Depending on the hiring manager this can go either way, but there is a tendency to hire slightly less experienced candidates with a good culture fit, to reduce wages.

Job Descriptions

  • The job description in the ad rarely accurately reflects the actual job requirements.
  • Ask for a written job description when you feel comfortable to do so, but before accepting a role.

Benefits / Bonuses

  • If you are offered bonuses as part of your package, ensure you have in writing the threshold that activates the bonus(es).
  • Make sure you know how your role is being evaluated. Is it a team or personal target? Does it start from the beginning of the year or from when you start? Bonuses are hard to come by.
  • Have these prior to signing anything.
  • Question everything – If you have questions, ask them. If you feel something isn’t right, ask about it. It’s better to find out now, rather than once it’s too late.
  • Ask about the cons of the role/team.


  • Have a clear understanding of how you can progress, and what you need to do to get there.
  • Find out who will be your point of contact for initial training – make sure you meet them.

General things to be aware of

  • Unpaid overtime
  • Small print in the contacts
  • Ask for the employee handbook. This gives a fair bit of info and should be freely given.
  • Work for the manager not for the company. Make sure you two get along.