B Corp Status Revocation

2 December 2022
Our statement regarding BrewDog’s B Corp certification

In October 2021, B Lab began a review process which had the potential to end in revocation of BrewDog’s B Corp certification. It appears BrewDog would not, or could not, meet “the highest standards of verified social & environmental performance”, and have in fact had their certification revoked¹. BrewDog now claim they made the decision, and will follow their own blueprint, rather than invest time and resources into the work it would take to regain the global standard of ethical business – B Corp certification.

We hope BrewDog will reconsider and aim to align with B Corp standards, rather than setting their own. As we stated previously, following their response to the open letter, BrewDog have constantly proven unable to hold themselves to account. They simply announce a new blueprint – or manifesto, or values, or charter, or dogmas – and abandon the previous standards.

After repeated attempts by James to discredit us and anyone speaking out against BrewDog’s practices, we have made every effort to ensure that allegations against BrewDog are professionally investigated by fully independent third parties, such as Hand & Heart and B Lab, in order to prove that the issues raised were genuine, and recent – not only pre-2018. Once again, we ask for genuine accountability and change from BrewDog’s senior management team, without spin and PR.

¹BrewDog loses its ethical B Corp certificate, the Guardian, 1 Dec 2022