Working at BrewDog

The following guidance relates to anyone working for BrewDog, whether you’ve just started, or have been there for a while already.


  • Have your contract looked at by a third party before you sign, and hold BrewDog to account if any of the terms are breached/overlooked.
  • Keep a copy of your job description to hand. Refer to it when being asked to take on other things. It starts with a favour. Ambiguity leads to more responsibility, which will become part of your job.
  • Keep a copy of every email you are sent which has specific targets, goals or KPIs noted. You will need them if and when the goalposts are moved, and you’re being held to account for it.
  • Do not do anything you feel uneasy in the slightest doing. If something feels wrong, it is. Have it looked at by a trusted third party immediately, and act as they advise.
  • Don’t get drawn into reporting back on your colleagues at the request of your managers. No one should ask you to throw a colleague under the bus.
  • Keep an eye out for junior team members. Always.


  • Always bring a witness into any disciplinary or performance related matters, no matter how ‘informal’ they are. A quick chat will certainly be going on your internal record and bought up later.
  • Insist on regular reviews/appraisals, getting a schedule of these where possible.
  • Keep all the positive feedback, as well as the negative. It will be useful when discussing your performance.
  • Always shout about your victories. If you don’t, they will go unnoticed, or worse, claimed by someone else.
  • Don’t commit to someone else’s targets. Often you’ll get rushed into agreement of someone else setting a target that you’re responsible for.

And finally…

  • Always. Keep. The. Receipts.