Media Guide

With all the publicity the Punks With Purpose campaign has achieved, a slew of media outlets have contacted both our group, and the individual signatories of the open letter we published on behalf of former BrewDog staff. This is a good thing, and we welcome the opportunity for so many voices to finally be heard, but not all media outlets will have the same intentions for a story as each of us might, so some caution is advised.

Punks With Purpose is a vessel for bringing about positive change, not airing individual stories, but we 100% support anyone’s desire to have their personal story told.

Please be cautious when speaking to media outlets, as sometimes they may request a quote or story from “Punks With Purpose” as a collection of 300+ ex-employees, rather than asking you as an individual. Please keep this in mind at all times and remember that when speaking to any media outlet, be clear you are speaking as an individual and not on behalf of Punks With Purpose, or on behalf of every signatory of the open letter. The easiest way to ensure your words are not used out of context is to refrain from using any group terms (“we”, “us”, etc) that could be misconstrued in this manner.

If you are in any way uncertain of the journalist or media outlet that has contacted you, please reach out to us (via Twitter or Instagram – DM is easiest) as we have a number of vetted, reputable journalists and outlets on-side that are eager to speak to our signatories, other ex-staff members and current crew alike. Likewise, if you want your story to be told, we are aware of several articles currently in the works, from multiple outlets, and we would be more than happy to pass contact details along where relevant.

If you have signed a confidentiality clause of any kind, including an NDA, that you feel leaves you unable to talk to the media, but do wish for your story to be told, there may be options for you. We are in touch with a lawyer who is willing to look at those documents, and many similar ones have already been proven not to be fit for purpose. They will also be able to advise you on what you are in fact able to say, either on or off the record. Please get in touch with us for their contact details.

Before confirming your participation in any articles, we would always advise you request an outline of the story and a list of questions, in advance. Likewise, asking for final approval before publication is the best way to ensure your story is told in the manner you wish it to be. Do not let your words and experiences be used in a way you’re unhappy with.

If you have any qualms about your name being published, we would always advise obtaining written confirmation of anonymity in advance of answering any questions.

If you are in any doubt of your ability to speak freely to a media outlet, we would always advise seeking legal counsel first, whether via a free service (such as the Citizens Advice Bureau), or a private lawyer. If you need a friendly lawyer, please let us know – we can put you in touch with someone suitable.

Please see our Resources page for links to useful services and other support systems.

In all media correspondence regarding Punks With Purpose, please refer back to our mission statement where possible.

We stand with each and every ex-member of BrewDog staff who have signed, and are here to help in any way we can.