BrewDog abandon the Real Living Wage

10th January 2024

Our response to the news that BrewDog have abandoned their commitment to paying the real Living Wage.

BrewDog management’s decision to revoke a long-standing commitment to the real Living Wage proves that there is no principle too dearly held for them to abandon. The real Living Wage has been a cornerstone of BrewDog’s public identity for years. This real-terms pay cut for hard-working front line staff is directly opposed to BrewDog’s previous claim that

“Our crew are our most important resource – and giving them fair pay for the work they do is one of our core beliefs.” *

Furthermore, by adopting the government’s ambiguous “national living wage” terminology, it could be construed that BrewDog are attempting to disguise their move away from the real Living Wage. We stand in solidarity with BrewDog’s bar staff, who deserve better.


* This quote appeared in a now-deleted blog post from, describing their commitment to the real Living Wage:


A further blog post has been deleted, first published when BrewDog signed up to the Living Wage:

BrewDog is now a living wage employer – BrewDog