Our Mission

Our mission is to tackle toxic workplace culture head-on, by promoting positive action.

We’re a small group of former BrewDog employees, who are turning our first-hand experience of toxic workplaces into constructive change. By promoting positive action when we see genuine desire to be better, yet acting quickly to expose lies and hypocrisy when they arise, we aim to stamp out the attitudes and behaviours we suffered under. When normal channels of communication are failing to deliver meaningful support for employees, we believe it is time to step in.

We hope to grow Punks With Purpose, and support not only BrewDog employees past and present, but identify and tackle other organisations with aggressive, toxic or fearful cultures. We’re only a small group, and we all have day jobs, but we intend to do what we can, as part of a healthy work / life balance.

Our Ambitions

  • See BrewDog employees unionised and protected from future harms
  • Provide and maintain a list of resources and contacts for workers in the brewing, hospitality and associated industries
  • Provide guidance for those looking to work for, or with, BrewDog
    • We have produced a set of guides detailing how best to approach the working relationship
  • Generate funds for our new partner, The Drinks Trust, to cover counselling costs for mental health issues, via
    • Crowdfunding
    • Merch
    • Collaboration beers
  • Expand our support to other businesses, primarily (but not necessarily limited to) in the brewing and hospitality industries
  • Raise further awareness of the work Brienne Allan and Siobhan Buchanan are doing to expose sexism, misogyny and harassment within the brewing and hospitality industries
  • Address concerns raised by EFPs, regarding the validity of the open letter we published on behalf of former staff
    • Perform a full audit of the signatories of the open letter