Hello. We are Punks With Purpose.

Our mission is to tackle toxic workplace culture head-on, by promoting positive action.

On 9th June 2021, we published an open letter on behalf of over one hundred former BrewDog staff members. Within days of publishing, we were given a commitment by BrewDog that they would deal with the issues and concerns we raised. Now, we’ll be holding them to account to ensure they make the changes they have promised.

We are now turning our focus on the wider alcohol and hospitality industries. Please check out our new mission and our resources for industry workers, and help us by donating to The Drinks Trust via our Just Giving page.

We owe a huge debt of thanks to Brienne Allan (Insta: @Ratmagnet) and Siobhan Buchanan (Insta: @BritishBeerGirl) for their work exposing sexism and misogyny in the beer industry – their bravery has inspired us, and others, to speak up. Please follow them, and do your part to help stamp out toxicity in what should be a friendly and inclusive industry.