Hello. We are Punks With Purpose.

It’s sometimes said that a lie can make it right round the world before the truth can even tie its laces. Our mission is to let BrewDog know that the truth has finally got its boots on.

On 9th June 2021, we published an open letter on behalf of over one hundred former BrewDog staff members. Since then, we have already been asked to add over two hundred signatures (some named, some anonymous) to the list. We will publish more as and when possible.

Huge thanks to Brienne Allen (Insta: @Ratmagnet) and Siobhan Buchanan (Insta: @BritishBeerGirl) for their work exposing sexism and misogyny in the beer industry – your bravery inspired us to finally speak out.

Read the open letter to BrewDog here.