The Open Letters

On the 9th June 2021, we published an open letter on behalf of over one hundred former and current BrewDog staff. Read the letter here.

BrewDog scrambled to respond, asking current staff to sign a counter-letter (allegedly penned by James and the HR team) at very short notice. This letter was never published, we assume based on the public response after we shared it online. There was also a statement made by James Watt on the Equity for Punks forum, in which he seemingly blamed former staff for not fitting the company culture. This was followed by an actual apology.

A second letter, in response to the statement and subsequent apology, was penned by a smaller group of former staff, and published by Punks With Purpose. You can read that letter here.

On the 17th June 2021, BrewDog published a statement in which they committed to making changes across the company in response to the letter from former staff. At this point, the focus of Punks With Purpose shifted to our current mission.